I have spun a Dark Tale just for you...

Mythology has long been used to bewitch, empower and Dark Tales contain spiritual axioms for your liberation. We begin with The Oath of Blood & Bone in Spring 2021.

You can prepare today with the sacred text of The Wayob- containing a ritual to unlock your personal underworld by connecting with your primordial nature.

Download the complimentary piece to The Oath of Blood & Bone.

The Wayob of the Maya people are the elemental & animal spirits said to be entwined with our own soul.

In my ancestral belief system they say we have more than one soul....the day you're born you create a sacred binding with an element or animal. Some of these allow for shapeshifting- and as a result- immeasurable power and abilities beyond human nature.

When you connect to your Way, you unlock it's nature within you. And that allows you access to places you can't imagine.

In the cosmology of Dark Tales, this allows you to enter into Xibalba. The Maya underworld. A place of magia, danger and the Dark Gods. If you survive the journey you will have been forged into a new creature, your True Self.

Take The Oath of Blood & Bone and begin your journey...

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